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The Department of Environment is divided into three sections: Research & Assessment, Operations and Enforcement.

Research and Assessment plan and implement research and monitoring of the environment and natural resources of the Cayman Islands. It is also responsible for assessing activities occurring in the Cayman Islands for possible environmental impacts, and recommending ways that these impacts can be avoided, minimized or mitigated for. The Research and Assessment section also undertake practical conservation and management of natural resources, through the establishment of special projects, protected areas and assisting species conservation programmes. Public education and outreach programmes are also an important part of this section’s activities, along with responding to requests for information.

Operations maintain the Department’s boats, vehicles, and field equipment, along with the Marine Parks markers, signs and regulatory buoys, as well as the hundreds of permanent moorings for recreational vessels. The operations team also deals with emergency situations, responding to environmentally hazardous situations such as oil spills.

Enforcement staff police the island and especially the protected areas, and ensure compliance with the Marine Conservation Law. They also provide information to the public regarding the proper use of our Marine Parks and other natural resources.

We also have a very capable Front Office Staff who keep the entire Department running on time and in the black.

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