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Bradley, P.E. 2006. A Checklist of Birds of the Cayman Islands.

National Trust for the Cayman Islands / Department of Tourism. 11 pages.COMMENT: Lists all the species recorded in the Cayman Islands. A great help in organizing your bird observations. All proceeds to the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. Pamphlet format.

  Checklist of Birds of Cayman Islands
Bradley, P. E. 2000. The Birds of the Cayman Islands: BOU checklist series 19.

B.O.U. Tring, Herts., England. ISBN 0907446-23-X. 253 pages.COMMENT: Detailed documentation and analysis of breeding and migrant birdlife of the islands, both historically and in a modern biogeographical context. Hardback edition.

  BOU Checklist
Bradley, P. E. 1995. Birds of the Cayman Islands. Photographs by Y-J. Rey-Millet.

2nd edition. Caerulea Press, Italy. ISBN 976-8052-10-4. 261 pages.COMMENT: Pocket-sized guide to the Birds of the Cayman Islands, with detailed description of field characteristics, Cayman habitats and local population status. Colour photographs of local breeding birds and their habitats. Good choice for beginners. Hardback edition.

  Birds of Cayman
Raffaele et al. 2003. A Guide to the Birds of the West Indies.

rinceton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. ISBN 0-691-08736-9. 511 pages.COMMENT: Beautifully illustrated with individual paintings depicting all 594 bird species of the West Indies, accompanied by identification notes and detailed information on each. Hardback edition.

  Birds of West Indies
Prescott, Keith. Where to watch birds on Cayman Brac.

National Trust for the Cayman Islands. ISBN 976-8104-99-6.

Cayman Islands Bird Card.

National Trust for the Cayman Islands / Department of Environment / US Fish and Wildlife Service Winged Ambassadors Program.COMMENT: Tough, plasticized, waterproof card, featuring beautiful illustrations of the common birds of the Cayman Islands. One side features resident birds, the other migratory birds. Great for beginners.

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